We are dedicated to providing delicious and exciting food composed of local and organic ingredients, brought to you by a team that is passionate about flavor and service.

We love the creative challenge of preparing and serving unique food as part of a program that is tailored to the preferences of each individual client.

What makes us different:

➔  Company lunches that are fundamentally better (delicious, nutritious and exciting).

➔  Cater directly through local community farmers, and artisans in the Tri-State area.

➔  We inform and educate our clients about the food we serve, where it came from, its nutritional benefits and how it was prepared.

➔  Exciting menus of cuisine from diverse influences to make everyday a new adventure and discussion topic.

➔  Collaboration with your food program management team to make continual enhancements and create a tailored program for your unique company.

CSAVOR offers a changing menu that rotates weekly.

We offer an endless variety of hot food choices. We also offer cold lunch set ups such as salad and sandwiches. We tailor to your company’s personalized needs. No two companies are alike so they shouldn’t be treated as such.

All of our clients enjoy infused waters daily. We infuse waters with everything from fruits to herbs to root vegetables. We often compliment our dishes with infused waters.

Statistics have shown that having infused waters that are ready and available in an office space reduces consumption of sugary beverages. It’s all about providing something delicious and healthy that you would turn to instead of reaching for a soft drink.